What We Do

We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading company with Decades of experience & with wide range of Products to Supply, Service & Support to the customers in the field of Fire Safety & Security Solutions.

Fire Safety Products

We Famous Fire Safety began in Hyderabad to fulfill the requirements of the clients by the provisions as well as for the administrations in correct time. We attempt Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Hydrant Systems and Alarm Systems of any make.

Fire-fighting & Fire Protection Equipment

  • B01 – Automatic Modular Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B02 – Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B03 – Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B04 – Fire Hose
  • B05 – Dry Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B06 – Gun-Metal-Fire-Hose-Fitting
  • B07 – Fast-Action-Nozzle
  • B08 – ABC Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B09 – Commando
  • B10 – Water-Monitors
  • B11 – Gun-Metal-Fire-Hose-Fitting
  • B12 – Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguisher
  • B13 – Mobile-Foam-Unit
  • B14 – Gun-Metal-Fire-Hose-Fitting
  • B15 – Foam-Making-Equipment